Congress Fights Oversight of Obamcare Navigators after they receive $67 Million in Grants

As some in congress are requesting full accounting of what is how $67 Million in federal funding is going to be spent,  some in congress are fighting back against accountability.

From Grace Marie Turner 9-9-13 Article in Forbes

For example, the committee asks the organizations receiving the grants to provide a written description of:

  • the work that will be performed with the funds obtained via your Navigator grant including a detailed description of how this funding will be utilized
  • the training or education employees, volunteers, or representatives must complete
  • the processes and procedures in place to monitor, review, or otherwise supervise your employees, volunteers, or representatives
  • how your organization will utilize the information obtained during performance of your Navigator grant

There’s more, but you get the picture.  Does this sound like an outrageous request from Members of Congress?

It apparently does to Rep. Frank Pallone, D-NJ.  He was quoted as saying the investigation is “another attempt to undermining the Affordable Care Act…using harassment and intimidation tactics, and what amounts to modern McCarthyism, with no justification for their actions.”

The Energy and Commerce Committee requested the information from the Navigator organizations by September 13.  “We are simply asking these organizations who received Navigator grants – tell us how you will spend the money and how you will protect personal financial and health information during the enrollment process,” Blackburn said. “It is our job to ask those questions.”

Waxman counters: “You are insisting on voluminous document productions by September 13, just when these groups need to be focused on their mission of helping uninsured Americans enroll for coverage.  Indeed, it appears that these requests may have been sent solely to divert the resources of small, local community groups, just as they are needed to help with the new health care law.”

One has to wonder how many other groups are not accustomed to answering questions about how they are spending millions of dollars in taxpayer money.







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