Obamacare Marketplace Crashes and bugs on Opening Day

Today is the big day for the Ohio Government Exchanges.   Lets see if I can get quotes for coverage as promised.

After selecting Get Insurance from http://www.healthcare.gov,  Ohio, and Apply Now,  this is the screen I was delivered to.

marketplace please wait screen at 0620AM 10-1-13

It told me to please wait,  which seemed reasonable enough. ….then the crashes began.

Marketplace Login First Try 10-1-13 0623AM

Yes, it crashed on the second screen.  This was at 0623 AM Easter Time on 10/1/14.

I finally got in after refreshing several times.  Then I was able to creat a login and a password.  I got to a screen that said I needed to answer some  Security Questions, which is normal for any website.  Small problem,  it offered no Security Questions for me to answer.

Security Question Crash 10-1-13 0635AM

I tried to move on from that screen, thinking I could go forward and skip it, but it returned errors.

Security Question Crash II 10-1-013

Then it kicked me out, so I had to go back through the login screens.

login error 10-1-13forgot passwordcheck mail

I entered my password that I just created, but it did not let me in.
Then I went to Forgot Password,  It told me that it sent me an email with instructions.

That never came to my inbox.

For now, it appears as if the Marketplace is not working.

Marketplace System Down 0836 10-1-13

The System is Down at the Moment,  followed by a very long reference#


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