Day 3 Obamacare: I should be on a reality show

day 3 major login error

Today, I decided to try Internet Explorer, heard it allows the security questions.  Could I possibly get an account and get a quote today?  I am sincerely determined to get a quote!

0945 AM Attempted

got this message:

day 2 wait page

After about 20 Minutes, I was able get to the login screen!  Progress!

login error 10-1-13

Then it let me through to the Security Question Screen, and in IE the questions actually populated!  I can’t believe it!  Yahoo!!!

security q in ie 10-3-13

So I decided to answer them,  you will note that NONE of my answers are the same.

security questions with answers 10-3-13

Oh Crap!  It is telling me I made an error in my answers…they cannot be the same…but they were NOT the same.

Error after Security Page Day 3 2013

I guess I need to click on proceed to Create Account Page.  I don’t want to create a new account.  I want to login again.  I will hit the blue button.

create account Day 3

Fiddle sticks!  I’m looking at the Please Wait screen again!  Am I back to square 1?  (please forgive the harsh language)

day 2 wait page

OK, back to the login screen….after about 20 minutes of the circles.   Hopefully it will take my username and PW….I hope, I hope.

login screen day 3

Nooooooooooooo!  why me???

error after login page

OK, back to   Login screen.  Hello Circles.

day 2 wait page

Now back here….Thats Great because I GOTS ME A LOGIN BEFORE!

login screen day 3

OK, I hit enter, then it sends me back to this entry screen again.  Don’t you remember me?

day 3 login screen

I enter my User and PW…..and…..NOPE…right back to the same screen again.  Oh the agony!

About to give up…again

After about 5 tries, it took my logins,  YES, back to the circles

day 2 wait page

Waiting for about 30 minutes….now this.

day 3 system is down error

Good thing I can multi-task because this is one huge waste of time.

Tried again:  Got this:

Day 3 error 3

Decided to try it again at 0445PM,….OK.   Select Login…should be cleared up by now.  WOW! NO, this is not cleared up.  This one always makes me laugh.
day 3 major login error


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