Obamacare Day 6: Progress then Nothing

Sunday night 9:20 PM, 10/6/13 Day 6 after Obamacare Launch

I have finally been able to establish an account, and got through the security questions.  The site sent me a confirmation email and I accepted it.  Now I am back to my friendly circles.  I have been on this page for about 5 minutes already.

day 2 wait page

After this, I was back to the login page (again)

day 3 login screen

Logged back in then got a blank screen for extended period of time.

Day 6 blank screen 2

Blank screen in IE.

Day 6 Blank screen

Even more blank page in Chrome.

20 minutes later…..no idea what is going on with this site.

In Obamacare Purgatory…or something


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