Obamacare Marketplace Day 8: Still not working

1 week ago today this site “went live.”  However I have made hundreds of login attempts since then to no avail.  The thing does not work.  Here is he message that greeted me at 6:00AM this morning.

Day 8 6 AM system down

Then at 0745 AM,  they added a message to try back after 10 AM.  I’m sure it will be fixed by then.DAy 8 745 AM

11:10 PM  System is down for the moment.  Check out the 30 Character Reference Number.  Can you say AWESOME?

Day 8 11 PM



2 thoughts on “Obamacare Marketplace Day 8: Still not working

  1. Same thing every day. I wouldn’t waste too much on this unless maybe you have secret access codes or something…

  2. Thanks for doing this Dave, it is scarey to see questions like this about yourself. And also how blindly people beleive that this is actually a good thing – how can it be when it forced upon everyone? And employers who cover their employees already with a g ood plan have to pay more because of ACA. Thank again for keeping us informed.

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