Day 9 Obamacare Login Warning and Intrusive Identity Questions

October 9, 2013, Day 9 at 06:30 AM  trying to get a quote from started off like any other day.

Hello Circles….I’ve missed you.
Day 9 at 0630 AM
Then a short wait, and I made it to the login screen.
Day 9 login screen 0634 am

Next something new.  I was asked to Accept a Terms and Conditions statement that made me think twice.  Am I doing anything that could be considered inappropriate, or unlawful?   Am I OK with being monitored, and audited?   I determined that this is my profession, and I am working to get quotes for myself and my client.  I accepted.

terms and conditions 10-9-13 0637AM

Next, I was politely asked What would you like to do?  I selected Apply for New Coverage

Day 9 What would you like to do.

Next I was informed that they would need to Verify My Identity.  I hit Get Started.
Day 9 Verify Identity

I did not want to use my real name at this point (why would I?) so I entered some basic information.  The system told me it could not verify me.
Day 9 ID Not Successful 0643

Now what do I do?  Do I really want to populate this site with my real information?  OK, I guess I do.  This is my profession and my colleagues, clients and the 3-5 people who read this blog are counting on me!!!

So I entered my actual information, and it let me to the next step.  Identity Questions.  What????  Apparently Obamacare knows more about me than I do.  Check out these questions.
10-9-13 Identity Question

Day 9 ID Questions 2

I opened a bank account at Key bank about 5 years ago to get a free Ipod for my kid.  How did Obamacare know this?  How does it know that I lived in one of those cities?   My high school?   This is a little freaky.  So I answered the questions and now I would get in to get some quotes?????

Day 9 Identity not verified  Error

So close to Obamacare Utopia!!!  Time to start over.


One thought on “Day 9 Obamacare Login Warning and Intrusive Identity Questions

  1. Those questions are standard for when you want to get a credit report. Why that’s needed for health insurance, I would not know.

    Also, where you asked to link a bank account?

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