Audio Part 2 800# With Obamacare Supervisor: Trying to get a quote with the system down

So on 10/11/13, at about 10:45 AM I continued my conversation with the very friendly and professional Obamacare Supervisor.  That is not sarcasm, she really was great.

As I pushed for a way to get a quote, even with the system down, she said the only real way to do so would be to do it by mail.  Very interesting.

Audio below.  Minute summary below that.

00- 1:36   Supervisor discusses estimation tool, but explains that the rates would not be actual quotes but would be estimates.

1:36 Supervisor:   says I cannot get a quote unless I complete application online, but since Online is Broken, they can mail one to me, but that would be a slow process

2:35:  Discussion on what happens if I they send me a paper application and I send it back.

2:40:  Me:  “If I mail back a written application, would you send me back a quote?”

2:45:  Supervisor:  “No, you would actually get verification or your eligibility and what discounts and tax credits that you may qualify for and once that is ready you can enroll in whatever plan you select.”

3:00 Me:  “I did not understand that….You mail me an application then what?”

3:07  Supervisor:   “you fill out an application, send it back then once it is approved, we would notify you of your eligibility and what discounts or tax credits that you may qualify for… get the plan you select”

3:30:  Me   “so I still would not know what Blue Cross is charging and what my options are?”

3:40:  Supervisor:  “you will find out when your application is processed, and your eligibility is approved.

3:52:  Me:  “And that would come to me in the mail?  or by email or what?”

3:56:  Supervisor:   You can select how you want to recieve it

4:09:  Me:  “and after that, when would I give you a credit card to tell you that I want to buy this?”

4:15:  Supervisor: “that would go through the company that you selected….they would send you information on the plan and information on payment”

5:15:  Me:  I ask about subsidy based upon income.

6:10:  Me:  After I find out about my eligibility and my potential subsidy, “I take that information and do what with it?”

6:15:  Supervisor:  “hopefully within the next few days the website will be back online, but you just get online and enter the health plan information that you select then you will be covered….”

7:09  Me:  “so I would give my credit card to the Marketplace, or to the Insurance Company?”

7:12  Supervisor:  “you would give it to the insurance company, we do not accept credit cards”

7:50  Me:  “So after that I can cancel my employer health plan?”

8:00 Supervisor:  That depends on the application…and affordable determination

8:25:  Me:  “Mine would totally not be considered affordable because I need to pay like 50 bucks for the whole family, and that’s alot of money.”

8:35:  Supervisor:  “Right”

9:05  Me:  “How do they determine if its affordable or not?”

9:10  Supervisor:  “They look at how much your income is, and how much the company is charging you and if its more than 9% of your Gross Annual Income,  Its NOT considered affordable.”

9:25:  Me:  “9%, of mine, or of mine and my wife too, or just mine?

9:35:  Supervisor:  “Its yours”

(Note:  This is incorrect information.  The Supervisor should have told me that this is based upon Household Income.).

9:37:  Me:  “just mine, I thought it was household income?”

9:39:  Supervisor:  “well that’s for qualifying for discounts but if you have other health  insurance it is based upon if its affordable to who carries the insurance if it is you then they look at your income”

9:59:   Discussion about what is affordable

11:15:  Me:  What if I don’t want to enter my information, can I get a quote?


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