Obamacare Day 18: Data Entry then NOTHING

Today, I managed to get deeper into the healthcare.gov web site than ever before.   I spent about 30 minutes entering in my family of 5 information on very slow screens.

Once I completed the digital online signature, I hit enter, and returned to this screen.

Day 18 38 now applying for coverage

This screen looks to me like I have an application in process out there.  It tells me IN PROGRESS.  It does not tell me anything about when it will be ready, or give me any type of ETA.
It sat that way for about 30 Minutes.  I let it sit and sit.

Finally, I realized that when I put the cursor over the Blue “Individual or Family Coverage”,  it looked like there cold be something there.

So I clicked on it…..DOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!  It tells me my application is INCOMPLETE.
Day 18 39 Application not complete message

I click on Continue Application….and it takes me all the way back to my original entry screen…..do I need to start all the way over?  That took me 30 minutes to enter.
Day 18 1 Start application

I did not enter my data in,  decided to come back later….then I got this ERROR Message.
Day 18 40 Login Error Page

Attempted to login 5 more times tonight, and never got past the login screen.

Multiple login attempts on 10/19/2013.  Not able to login.

As of Sunday AM at 10:35.  No Login is available.


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