I only wanted a quote but Obamacare says that I applied for coverage

All I wanted was a quote, now Obama Admin is saying that I applied for coverage.

Today, the AP is reporting that the Obama Admin claims that “476,000 Health Insurance Applications have been filed through federal and State Exchanges.”    AP Article Here

Could I have been counted in this number?    When I went back to look at the screen shots that I took after I finally was able to enter my family information on Friday October 18th, I discovered that my Ohio Application for Individual and Family Coverage is now “In Progess”.  See screen shot below.

Day 18 38 now applying for coverage

To say that my family has applied for coverage is an absolute misrepresentation.

I have not seen the prices.  I have not seen the coverage options.  I have not seen the panel of providers.  I have not offered my credit card number.

I currently have a policy for my family and  have NO INTENTION of buying a policy even once I find out.

I am an insurance professional who is using my own family as a test case….to do a dry run of the process.

My guess is that a very large percentage of “Applicants” are simply window shoppers, trying to take a peak to see what it is all about.

Related Note:  In spite of the screen that said that my application was “In Progress”, the site kicked me out, and I have not gotten back in.  I have still not seen any quotes for my family.



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