Audio: 10 Simple Steps to Get Obamacare Coverage through 800#–May take several weeks

After a long conversation with an Obamacare 800 # Supervisor, I finally documented the process that it takes to attain Health Insurance Coverage through the Marketplace 800#. (Call Audio summary at the bottom of this post).

Here are the steps:

1)  I must complete an application for coverage over the phone.  This will take at least 10 minutes and social security numbers and other personal information must be provided.

2)  Marketplace submits application for verification and processing.

3)  Eligibility results are emailed or mailed back to me.   This does NOT include actual quotes from insurance companies.   No timeline was given except that they will be returned to me prior to the 12/15 deadline for 1/1 coverage.

4)  Once I have Eligibility results, I must call the 800# again to request plan costs and options.

5)  The 800# rep explains to me my cost and plan options that I am eligible for.

6)  I select which plan I would like to enroll in.

7)  The 800# Marketplace rep enrolls me in the plan that I select.   I do NOT provide payment at this time.

8)  I am contacted by email, mail, or phone, by the insurance company to confirm my plan choice, and my payment amount.

9)  I provide payment by credit card.

10)  My coverage begins 1/1/14

Here is my summary conversation with the Obamacare 800# Supervisor:


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