You can’t get an insurance quote from calling Obamacare 800#

Before I completed a phone application for Obamacare on the 800#, I asked the rep what would happen after I gave them all of my family information.  Would I get a quote over the phone? Would the quote include the pricing options and plan specifics?

The Rep, and later a supervisor both told me that the answer is NO.  They would take my information then enter it into the system for verification, and my ELIGIBILITY OPTIONS would come to me at some point in the future.

Audio with Obamacare 800# Customer Service Rep:  “No sir I won’t be able to give you a quote”

Audio with Obamacare 800# Supervisor. “No sir, it does not work that way and we do apologize”

RELATED:   It takes 10 Steps and several weeks to get coverage from Obamacare Hotline.

More Audio to come.

Notice was given that the call was being recorded.


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