lowers the bar, brags that 90% of users can now CREATE AN ACCOUNT

Is this a new low?  Today I received an email from (clipped below), which bragged “we’re happy to report that 90 percent of users are now able to create accounts.”

What are they talking about?  A user name and password?  That is the improvement?  When will someone tell the Obama admin that people don’t go to the Marketplace to get an account, nor do they go to find out their eligibility.  They go there to get ACTUAL Quotes for insurance.

It has been 59 Days, and I have been unable to get a quote.

Ohio Obamacare Rates start at $1500 Per Month for Ohio Family but 300 for Non-Obamacare

According to, the lowest cost plan for an Ohio Family of 9, purchased through would be almost $1,500 per month for a plan with a $12,000 Deductible.  The family, who approached me for help, makes more than  400% of federal poverty level, so no tax credits or discounts would apply.

Making matters worse, the expensive plans would have deductibles of $12,000.
Here are the OBAMACARE quotes:  (Note they are all Bronze plans with high deductibles)

Gold level plans are also available but the prices jump up to close to $2500 for deductibles of either 2000 or 2500 and OOP Maximums of $10,000 per family.

In contrast, we were able to run the following rates starting at around $300/month for the same family with an effective date of 12/1, which is BEFORE Obamacare mandates take place.  The lowest options are for catastrophic plans with very high deductibles of $10,000 and up, with another 3,000 – 7,000 OOP Maximum.

Here are some of the PRE-OBAMACARE rates: