Comedy Deep inside then failure

Today, I went farther than I ever went before in my ongoing quest to generate a quote at and I came across some very amusing questions.  At the end of the day, the site crashed, and I was unable to get any quotes.

Even though I only wanted to generate a quote for myself (hoping to avoid having to input data about my wife and kids), I was promptly required to complete tons of information about my wife and kids.  At one point, I had to establish how my kids were related to myself and my wife.   Here is a screenshot of that.

Nov 4 2013 #21

Nov 4 2013 #44

You will note that we are establishing our kids as our “son/daughter”

What came next was downright funny.  They asked the relationship BETWEEN my kids.  Check out this dropdown lists of possible relationships between my kids.    This one is asking how my son, B Petno, is Related to my Daughter, K Petno.

Nov 4 2013 #45

I’m pretty sure that my son cannot by my daughter’s Grandparent, spouse, or Domestic Partner?

Here are some of the other amusing questions that I was asked.
Nov 4 2013 #52 incarcerated Nov 4 2013 #52

Nov 4 2013 #50 adoption Nov 4 2013 #50

Nov 4 2013 #49


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