Obamacare Supervisor Cannot Give Quote without Social Security Number

All I want is a quote!  And finally, after getting my eligibility notice, I thought I could get a quote….but the web site was broken, and the 800# Hotline Operator cannot give me a quote without my Social Security Number.

Even though Healthcare.gov makes it clear that Social Security Numbers are OPTIONAL every time that they are requested, it appears to be 100% impossible to get a quote for insurance without providing my Social Security number.

Here is an audio recording of a conversation that I had today with an Obamacare hotline Supervisor.   All I want is a quote, and I am willing to concede that I will not get a tax credit or subsidy since my income exceeds the guidelines.  With that in mind, there is ZERO reason why my social security number should be required.

Here is the audio where the Supervisor tries to explain why I cannot get a quote without offering my social security number:

Here are screen shots of Healthcare.gov where I was asked for my Social Security number and that of my family, all were marked as OPTIONAL.
Nov 4 2013 #10Nov 4 2013 #47

Call #2: From 10/21/13  Previous Audio with Hotline Rep about Social Security Number when trying to apply by 800#.

Call #3 with SUPERVISOR:  From 10/21/13  Audio with Hotline Supervisor regarding Social Security Number requirement

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