Day 50 Obamacare: $50 challenge to GET ME A QUOTE

It has been 50 days of trying and I still have NOT seen a quote through….so we will try the challenge again.  See below.

Do you want to earn an easy 50 bucks?  President Obama says is working better each and every day.  I have not witnessed this, but he says it is true.

I will mail the first 3 people who complete the task a check for $50.00.

What is the task?
Create an account at (must be a new account), complete an application for coverage by answering all of the questions that are required.   DO NOT ENTER YOUR Social Security Number.  It is optional and the site is insecure.    Answer the questions required and take screen shots of the quotes that you receive.  I would like to see screen shots of Silver and Bronze options.    Email me the screen shots, as well as the PDF document that is called your Eligibility Statement.    I may ask  for you to share with me your login and password to validate (but don’t send that part by email.)

Note:  Your Eligibility Determination document is not actually a quote.  I posted on it here so you can see what it looks like:

Brokers and Insurance Professionals are exempt from this offer.  I need real people who are not in the field.    Offer expires at 5 PM on Nov 23, 2013.


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