Ohio Obamacare Rates start at $1500 Per Month for Ohio Family but 300 for Non-Obamacare

According to HealthSherpa.com, the lowest cost plan for an Ohio Family of 9, purchased through http://www.healthcare.gov would be almost $1,500 per month for a plan with a $12,000 Deductible.  The family, who approached me for help, makes more than  400% of federal poverty level, so no tax credits or discounts would apply.

Making matters worse, the expensive plans would have deductibles of $12,000.
Here are the OBAMACARE quotes:  (Note they are all Bronze plans with high deductibles)

Gold level plans are also available but the prices jump up to close to $2500 for deductibles of either 2000 or 2500 and OOP Maximums of $10,000 per family.

In contrast, we were able to run the following rates starting at around $300/month for the same family with an effective date of 12/1, which is BEFORE Obamacare mandates take place.  The lowest options are for catastrophic plans with very high deductibles of $10,000 and up, with another 3,000 – 7,000 OOP Maximum.

Here are some of the PRE-OBAMACARE rates:


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