I elected Obamacare Coverage but have not yet paid to test the system

On December 1, 2013 at approximately 6 PM.  I completed a process which took me over an hour which required me to answer dozens of questions.  I chose a plan that would cost me $1,161/month.  My current plan costs me $735 per month.   Obviously, I am NOT going to actually pay money for a more expensive plan.  

I will NOT have actual coverage until I pay.   That will not happen until the insurance company invoices me.  In theory, they will be contacting me with my monthly invoice and instructions on how to pay.  Once I am invoiced,  I will need to validate the payment amount, and the coverage that I selected.

I have not yet decided whether I will give them my credit card number to bind coverage.  I would like to actually complete the process to get an official policy, and verify that it is all correct.  This would help me gain confidence in the system, before I assist others in entering the system.  However, this would require me to may a payment of over $1,000, with no real guarantee that I could cancel, and get my money back.

Will keep you posted….





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