I am one of the Sebelius 365,000 who have enrolled but DO NOT HAVE COVERAGE


Yesterday, Secretary Kathleen Sibelius  bragged that 365,000 Americans have “enrolled” at healthcare.gov by selecting a plan.  She cold not give a number of how many actually have received coverage.

I am one of the 365,000 who enrolled, BUT I DON’T HAVE COVERAGE. I worked at getting a plan for 62 days, almost every day.  Finally on December 1 I was able to finally get all the way through healthcare.gov and select a plan, and “enroll”.  The success message told me that I would be contacted within a couple of days by the insurance company to arrange for payment.

That was 12 days ago.  Since that time, I have not received ANY CONFIRMATION from the insurance company that they have received my information.  I have also not been asked to provide payment.

I called the insurance company.  But since I did not provide my social security number to healthcare.gov (which is insecure, and SS# was listed as optional information), the insurance company could not look me up in the system.   They told me that IF they got my information, I would be invoiced by mail.   That was a week ago.

As of today, I do not have coverage.




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