No way to cancel Obamacare Coverage

OK, so yesterday I finally received my invoice from the insurance company, and confirmed the coverage.  My test is now complete.

Since it was just a test, I had no intention to purchase the coverage.  I need to cancel my coverage with the insurance company before it goes into effect.

When I called the insurance company, they told me it would need to be done at  (I’m not really looking forward to going back there).

So I logged back on to the site, and looked for a cancel button.  Here are my options on the page.

Note there is no button to cancel my current coverage.  So I clicked on the button that said REMOVE.   The following popped up.

So back to the main screen where I searched again for Plans and Programs.   No Luck.

I then decided to call the 800# as was suggested on the site.  Here is a summary of the audio.

NO luck there either.  So I can’t cancel by the insurance company, nor by the web site, nor by the 800#.  

I can check out anytime I want, but I can never leave.  



4 thoughts on “No way to cancel Obamacare Coverage

  1. Reblogged this on DAVEPETNO.COM and commented:

    This is worth a second look given the claim that there are 7,1 Million enrollees in Obamacare.

  2. So you can only cancel by non-payment. That sure doesn’t help.

  3. I have been trying now for THREE MONTHS to cancel my plan. I got a new job 2/24/14, and tried to cancel 3/1/14. Blue Cross says they can’t cancel, so I went through the same hassle you went through until finally someone answered (fifth attempt was the charm). Then I found out that they couldn’t find my application and couldn’t help me. They then referred me to their “technical” department who still, after three calls, couldn’t help me. I told them it is ironic that you “can’t find me” but you can continue to pay a $175 a month subsidy to BCBS. They recommended I file a complaint with the Illinois Department of Insurance, which I did two weeks ago, and have gotten nothing but a simple form letter acknowledging my complaint.

    I don’t know where to go from here…. I just see my tax bill going up up up at the end of the year since I now have income. Anything subsidized will be billed back to me through my taxes. I haven’t paid in three months and they are still “subsidizing it.”


  4. Any updates on this front? I have the same story, enrolled with BCBS, and having cancelled/deleted the application from, no one can find my application or cancel it. Now I am stuck waiting for Blue Cross to cancel it because of non-payment for two months now.

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