When asked for a word that means UNethical Audience said Obama

I recently was a speaker for an audience of around 300 where I presented the topic of Ethics for Insurance Professionals.  I used polling app called http://www.polleverywhere.com   It is very cool and allows the speaker to poll the audience on any question.  Since it was a 3 hour session, having interactive polls throughout made it much more interesting for the audience.

For one of my polls, I asked the audience to text in words that were synonymous with the word ETHICAL.  The answers where projected through a WordCloud up on the screen.  The way a WordCloud works is the words that get the most responses, are proportionately larger than the other words. In this case, the most common word was HONESTY.

Next, I asked the audience to answer the opposite question.  What words mean the same thing as UNETHICAL.  This result really surprised me.  The most common audience response for the word UNETHICAL was OBAMA..

Some might say that this response was not valid since it was made by an audience of Insurance Professionals who have been dealing with the challenges of Obamacare and who may be concerned about their careers.  On the other hand, these folks have been on the forefront like no one else.    Their profession requires them to manage the the implications, changes, revisions, and complications on a daily basis, doing their best to keep the costs down for their clients, and maintain compliance with the law. 


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