JOHNNY X-BOX: My 19 Year Old is Not Covered will I get an Obamacare Penalty?

You know “Johnny X-Box”.  This is the kid who is over 18, unemployed, not in college and LIVING IN YOUR BASEMENT!  What if he does not have health insurance?  Could you get an Obamacare Penalty?

Here is the Answer:

If you claim your son as a dependent, you’ll be responsible for paying the penalty if he doesn’t have health insurance this year.The penalty is the greater of $95 for every uninsured adult in a tax household or 1 percent of your annual family income over the income threshold that requires you to file a tax return. (The threshold is $13,050 for a head of household or $20,300 for a married couple filing jointly.).

To qualify for the flat $95 fine, a family’s income would have to be quite low. For most families, the 1 percent penalty will apply, says Brian Haile, senior vice president for health policy at Jackson Hewitt Tax Service. In your case, if your modified adjusted gross income is $60,000 and you file as head of household, the penalty would be $470 ($60,000 – $13,050 = $46,950 x 1 percent = $470).

“We tell people, that child could cost a lot more than a spare bedroom,” says Haile.

Source:  Kaiser Health News–R1DQ3Gs_GCmiHWxPyke5_lJneKbtvWFkoeQv-vzcp8sF9GJrbUIvdTIv4RFmYO8hH9sHSu-_W-UkysXtZWxYmiZNuuw&_hsmi=12302680


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