10 Popular Drugs with Generics Now Available


These drugs represent an annual spend of $22.43 Billion.  Their generics will soon be available.  See below.

Name Brand Generic Annual Sales 2014 Diagnosis Generics Available
Cymbalta duloxetine 4.7 B Depression December 2013
Liboderm libocaine patch 1.3 B Skin Sept 13
Nisapan niacin 1.2 B High Cholesterol Sept 13
AcipHex rabeprazole 901 M Ulcer November 2013
Suboxone bupreneorphoine/naloxone 697 M Pain February 2013
Nexium esomeprazole 6.1 B Ulcer May 2014
Copaxone 20mg glatiramer 3.7 B Mental May 2014
Diovan valsartan 2.1 B High Blood Pressure June 2014
Renvela sevelamer carbonate 889 M Gastro March 2014
Lunesta eszopiclone 852 M Sleep April 2014
Total   22.43 B    

Source:  http://ebn.benefitnews.com/gallery/ebn/10-drugs-to-watch-2740189-1.html


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