HHS Releases State by State Obamacare Enrollment Figures

A March 11, 2014 reports the following number of People who “Have Selected a Marketplace Plan”.  A footnote clarifies this to mean that they are people who are deemed to be eligible to purchase a plan and who have selected a plan.  However, the footnote explains “with or without payment having being received directly by the Marketplace or the insurer”

Here is the link to the HHS Report

So for all purposes, these are people similar to someone who goes to Amazon, puts a book in their shopping basket, but never pay.

Nevertheless, here are the number from 10/1/13 – 3/1/14

  • Total All Marketplaces:  4,242,325
  • Total State Marketplaces:  1,621,239
  • Total Federal Marketplaces: 2,621,086
  • Total Ohio:  78,925

The report also shows that 83% of all people who enrolled received financial subsidy.  That would mean they are below 400% of Federal Poverty.  

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