No way to cancel Obamacare Coverage

This is worth a second look given the claim that there are 7,1 Million enrollees in Obamacare.


OK, so yesterday I finally received my invoice from the insurance company, and confirmed the coverage.  My test is now complete.

Since it was just a test, I had no intention to purchase the coverage.  I need to cancel my coverage with the insurance company before it goes into effect.

When I called the insurance company, they told me it would need to be done at  (I’m not really looking forward to going back there).

So I logged back on to the site, and looked for a cancel button.  Here are my options on the page.

Note there is no button to cancel my current coverage.  So I clicked on the button that said REMOVE.   The following popped up.

So back to the main screen where I searched again for Plans and Programs.   No Luck.

I then decided to call the 800# as was suggested on the…

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