Your Facebook Likes and Shares Actually Make a Difference

Believe it or not, when you LIKE or SHARE something on Facebook, you are actually influencing which updates your friends and their friends will see in their News Feed.

I learned this recently when I was managing a FB page that was advocating for a really important cause.  The Page went viral and it had over 25,000 Likes in less than 5 days.  Initially I thought that when I posted an update, my post would go into the feeds of all 25,000 Likers.    However, I soon learned that FB initially only shows a post to approximately 10% of the Likers.   Once the post goes out,  FB monitors the engagement of the post.  If a post gets lots of Likes and Shares, FB shows it to more people who Liked the page and friends of the Likers.  This generates more Likes and Shares and then FB shares it with more people…and so on.  Due to the high engagement of our site, some of our most popular posts were seen by nearly 50,000 people!  

So the next time you read an interesting post, or if you agree with something someone says, Like it, or Share it, and you will be influencing the FB user experience in a positive way.  


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