Sovaldi Hep C Drug Rocks Insurance Companies and Self Funded Employers

Sovaldi, the breakthrough drug that is effective in curing Hep C, also costs approximately $1,000 per pill.  Over a 12 week treatment period, the cost of the drug is $84,000.  Combined with the other drugs in the regimen, a patient could rack up $125,000 in drug costs in a 12 week period.    Alternative treatments for Hep C and Liver Transplants can exceed $250,000.  
Anthem reps reported to me that they are expecting about $164 Million in Sovaldi related expenses in 2014 that did not exist in 2013.    There are approximately 3 Million Americans with Hep C, many of whom do not know they have the disease.  World wide the number could be as high as  300 Million.   Gilead, the manufacturer of Sovaldi purchased Pharmasset Inc who developed Sovaldi in 2011 for $11 Billion.




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