What Mark Cuban Should Have Said

I have followed Mark Cuban for a long time and I see no evidence that he is, or has been, a racist.  From what I can tell, he is focused on being an entrepreneur, running a sports team, and making money.   It appears to me that he would be glad to work with anyone of any race, color, or creed as long as they can help him accomplish his goals.

With that said, let me Monday-morning- quarterback his recent remarks on race with what I believe he intended to say.

What if Mark had said this?

“Everyone has prejudice, but most of the time that prejudice is related to how a person presents himself, rather than their race.
–For example…

–if you want to present yourself as a menace, or as a thug, it does not matter what color you are.  It’s a problem.  If I am out walking at night, and I approach a group of guys, Black, White, Hispanic, whatever,  and those guys are wearing a hoodie, droopy drawers hanging down, walking with a swagger, I will sense safety concerns and walk to the side of the road.

–By the way, I have nothing against hoodies, but many gang members or criminals use them as a disguise when they are committing crimes.  Look, when that hood is pulled up over your head,  I can’t tell what your intentions are, and you are not easily identified by people.  It’s a safety concern.

–At the same time, if I see another group of guys coming at me, of any race, in wife-beater shirts, tattoos, piercings and chains, looking like Eminem,  I’m going to the other side of the street as well.   Those guys also look menacing to me.

–On the other hand, if I’m alone on the street at night, and I approach a group of guys, White, Black, Hispanic,  Asian, or whatever, and those guys are wearing suit and tie, a collared shirt with khakis, or even jeans and nice t-shirt like I wear to the Mavs games,  I would have no concerns.  The odds are extremely small that a group of young men dressed like that would do harm to me, or anyone else. They are sending signals that they are a part of society, not rebelling against it.

–My message to the young people is pretty simple,  the way you present yourself and your conduct matters, and it effects the way other people will react to you and the way that they treat you.   If you want to present yourself like a thug, or someone who is rebelling against society, be prepared to treated that way.   In the same way, if you dress and act like a respectful person, people will respect you.

–You see, its not really about race at all.  It’s how you present yourself, and it is about your conduct”.


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