Obamacare Supervisor Sends Me to IRS.gov for Answers

After working over 2 hours to enroll ONE FAMILY in an Obamacare plan through Healthcare.gov, I called the 800 number to request assistance from a supervisor.  My problem was that my initial estimate THROUGH HEALTHCARE.GOV showed a Tax Subsidy of over 150.00/month and a monthly price of $1,090.    The final price, after entering 2 hours of information, turned out to be $1,222 / month with a subsidy of only $13.00/month.

After trying every possibly angle to get this supervisor to help me, she finally referred me to contact the IRS directly since they are the ones in charge of the tax subsidies.

She tells me to contact the IRS.gov (Listen)

Supervisor tells me that they cannot view my information to solve my problem and recommends a Navigator.

Supervisor tells me that if I am not happy I can file an appeal, and it won’t necessarily take 90 days.

Here is the initial quote that was generated by See Plans and Prices at http://www.healthcare.gov
estimate 2;  8-27-14

Here is the actual quote after we entered all the family information into healthcare.gov
actual price 8-27-14

Ohio Manufacturing Company Eliminates Health Insurance Plan for 75 Employees


I just ran into another HR Director who told me that their company eliminated their employer-sponsored health insurance plan and sent everyone to http://www.healthcare.gov.  There were previously 75 people covered, and now they are through Obamacare.   Here’s a question,  should those 75 people be counted in the Obamacare numbers as positive enrollment?  Are they +75?  Should it be net Zero since no new people are covered?  OR, should it be -75 since 75 people used to be covered in the private markets, and are now subsidized on the government plan?  

I am not listing the name of the company, since I do not have their permission.  They are not current clients of mine.




Healthcare.gov AGAIN threatens to cancel Obamacare coverage that I don’t have

hcgov letter 8-14-14

So it happened again.  In May, the Health Insurance Marketplace sent me a letter asking me to prove citizenship of my 7 family members (we only have 5), for Obamacare coverage that we don’t have.   They followed up with two phone calls.   Apparently they will cancel my non-existent coverage by September 5th if I don’t respond.  

I blogged about this on May 27. 

Long story short.  I tried for 63 days to get coverage.  I finally got coverage.  Then tried to cancel it.  i was told I could not cancel it.  I never paid a premium.  I don’t have coverage.  But apparently Health Insurance Marketplace.thinks I do.  No doubt my 5 family members are being counted as 7 enrollees in Obamacare.  

Dave HC Gov Letter 8-14-14

We have no health insurance any more, you can thank Obamacare for that

131104112250-obamacare-promises-620xaPart of my job is to reach out to area businesses in order to assess whether they can use help in controlling the costs of health insurance, or in complying with Obamacare health reform mandates.

Today, I received a very brief, but impacting response from an administrative person from an Ohio construction company.

I had asked “who in the company makes decisions about your health insurance programs, and how you remain compliant with the federal mandates.”

The lady responded “we have no health insurance for our employees anymore, you can thank Obamacare for that!”   Then Click, she hung up.

Kaiser Health News: Obamacare creates chaos at Free Clinics

Obamacare Creates ‘Upheaval’ At Free Clinics

Aug 07, 2014

WHEELING, W.Va. – Without insurance, Pam Milliken relied for years on the free health clinic here to help manage her arthritis, high blood pressure and diabetes. When she needed to have her gallbladder removed, the clinic, located in a former State Farm Insurance building, found her a specialist and hospital willing to do the surgery at no cost.

This year, Milliken was among the 70 percent of patients at Wheeling Health Right Center who enrolled in Medicaid after the state expanded the program under the Affordable Care Act.

David Markson is getting treated by Thelma Fitzgerald, a nurse practitioner, at the Eastern Panhandle CARE Clinic in Ranson, W.Va. He now is on Medicaid but still goes to the clinic along with his wife, Melinda (Photo by Phil Galewitz/KHN).

Worried that patients like Milliken would leave their care and struggle to find doctors accepting new Medicaid patients, the clinic took a rather radical step: It became a Medicaid provider and started billing the state-federal health insurance program for the poor.

On a recent weekday, Milliken, 55, who makes salads at a local truck stop restaurant, was getting a checkup and X-rays at the clinic, which now requires a $2 Medicaid co-pay. “I’ve been with these people for years and they know me better than anyone,” Milliken said, explaining why she chose to keep coming to the clinic.

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