Obamacare Supervisor Sends Me to IRS.gov for Answers

After working over 2 hours to enroll ONE FAMILY in an Obamacare plan through Healthcare.gov, I called the 800 number to request assistance from a supervisor.  My problem was that my initial estimate THROUGH HEALTHCARE.GOV showed a Tax Subsidy of over 150.00/month and a monthly price of $1,090.    The final price, after entering 2 hours of information, turned out to be $1,222 / month with a subsidy of only $13.00/month.

After trying every possibly angle to get this supervisor to help me, she finally referred me to contact the IRS directly since they are the ones in charge of the tax subsidies.

She tells me to contact the IRS.gov (Listen)

Supervisor tells me that they cannot view my information to solve my problem and recommends a Navigator.

Supervisor tells me that if I am not happy I can file an appeal, and it won’t necessarily take 90 days.

Here is the initial quote that was generated by See Plans and Prices at http://www.healthcare.gov
estimate 2;  8-27-14

Here is the actual quote after we entered all the family information into healthcare.gov
actual price 8-27-14


2 thoughts on “Obamacare Supervisor Sends Me to IRS.gov for Answers

  1. The client was lucky that none of them were sent to Medicaid. The Supervisors are particularly incompetent. Filing an Appeal is a total waste time. And if you are told that they are going to “expedite” your issue, you have, in essence, been told to screw off.

  2. “That’s just too bad”?!?!? Seriously??

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