Justice Not Revenge: What’s great about America #6


Our system of justice is NOT based upon REVENGE, it is based upon impartial people implementing the law. In fact there is no place for revenge or bias in our system. If someone wrongs me, it is not ok for me to take matters in my own hands and punish them, take their stuff, kill them, hurt them, or hold them against their will. If I take revenge, then I will most certainly break another law, and be subject to punishment myself. And I also am not allowed to stack the deck against my enemies. If I want to bring charges against someone, I cannot take them to a judge who has any bias in my favor, and the jury must be without knowledge or bias of the case. In the USA, justice comes not from revenge, it comes from unbiased parties weighing the facts against the law and determining an outcome. ‪#‎whatsgreataboutamerica‬


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