Rule of Law: What’s great about America #5

What’s great about America #5: We have laws, they are written down, and they apply to all of us equally regardless of our financial status, our race, religion or geographic location. We don’t have royalty here. Even the richest of our rich can end up
in jail if they break the law (Martha Stewart, OJ, Bernie Madoff…). Yes, sometimes people get off when they are guilty, and some are found guilty when they are not. But this is rare. We have impartial judges and juries who truly seek the truth. We are all free to live within the law and if we do, we will likely live our lives in freedom without harassment or penalty. But if we choose to live outside the law, 100% of us are risking our freedom, our wealth or or lives. When you look around the world today, you see that America is the exception, not the rule.


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