12 Employees and $787,925 in Drug Expenses

fabryzymeAs the old saying goes, Medical Insurance is expensive because Medical Care is expensive.  Perhaps we should modify that statement to say that medical insurance is expensive  because Prescription Drugs are expensive.  

Here is an actual prescription drug report from an Ohio-based company.  It is interesting to note that the top 12 employees of this company spent $787,925 in only 6 different medications.
wb expensive drugs 2014Here is a breakdown of the top 6 medications:
fabryzyme1)  Fabrazyme:  1 Patients, Total Cost:  $314,974. Fabry’s Disease
tasigna2)  Tasingna:  2 Patients, Total Cost $181,845 Leukemia
gleevec3)  Gleevec:  1 Patient, Total Cost 98,325  Leukemia
humira4)  Humira:  4 Patients, Total Cost 80,738  Rheumatoid Arthritis
Rebif5) Rebif Rebidose: 1 Patient, Total Cost 60,874 MS
enbrel6)  Enbrel:  3 Patients, Total Cost $51,166  Rheumatoid Arthritis


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