New Speaking Topic: Waving the RED Flag –The Top 10 Things You Need to Do To Prepare for the ACA for 2016

Red FlagSpeaking Topic:  Waving the RED Flag –The Top 10 Things You Need to Do To Prepare for the ACA for 2016

Sometimes you just need to waive a red flag out there to make sure people hear what they need to hear.  Since the ACA passed in 2010,  we have been sifting through the law, and communicating the mandates and issues with, and for, our clients and friends.  Many have listened and planned intently and made changes, while others have chosen to wait to respond, hoping or thinking that elections or the Supreme Court would reverse the law.

Regardless or your initial response, it is now time for all organizations and businesses to make sure that they have all the relevant issues handled under the ACA for 2016.

As of 2016, the following issues must be resolved for your company….especially if you are over 50 FTEs and if you are classified as an Applicable Large Employer (ALE).

  1. Are you an ALE?
  2. If No, now what?
  3. If Yes, now what?
  4. What is your No-Offer Penalty Exposure?
  5. What is your  Unaffordable Coverage Exposure?
  6. How many hours do you currently require employees to work to qualify for group health insurance?
  7. What percentage of your full time employees (30 hours per week) are currently eligible for your group health plan?
  8. Is your coverage “Affordable” as defined by the ACA?  Can you fit into any of the safe harbors?
  9. Have you set up  Variable Hour Employee Status that uses the Look-Back Method?  Do you know how you will track it?
  10. Are you adequately tracking all of the data required to submit IRS Forms 1094-C and 1095-C?  How will you create those forms by the 2016 deadlines?

Please contact me at if you are interested in this topic for either an on-site presentation, or a webinar.  Other speaking topics and endorsements are listed here.

Speaking Topic:  Waving the RED Flag –The Top 10 Things You Need to Do To Prepare for the ACA for 2016

Audio from 800# Obamacare Applications are NOT for Insurance…but are Applications for the Marketplace

Obamacare 800# Rep:
“It’s an application for the marketplace, not for a health insurance company.   Its for the marketplace itself to see what programs you qualify for.”

So am I applying for insurance?

“You are applying to see what your option would be for you….”

“This is a place where people can meet and we help you get insurance and we can help you pay for the insurance….”

“We don’t have any contracts with any insurance companies”

Audio Below:

I only wanted a quote but Obamacare says that I applied for coverage

All I wanted was a quote, now Obama Admin is saying that I applied for coverage.

Today, the AP is reporting that the Obama Admin claims that “476,000 Health Insurance Applications have been filed through federal and State Exchanges.”    AP Article Here

Could I have been counted in this number?    When I went back to look at the screen shots that I took after I finally was able to enter my family information on Friday October 18th, I discovered that my Ohio Application for Individual and Family Coverage is now “In Progess”.  See screen shot below.

Day 18 38 now applying for coverage

To say that my family has applied for coverage is an absolute misrepresentation.

I have not seen the prices.  I have not seen the coverage options.  I have not seen the panel of providers.  I have not offered my credit card number.

I currently have a policy for my family and  have NO INTENTION of buying a policy even once I find out.

I am an insurance professional who is using my own family as a test case….to do a dry run of the process.

My guess is that a very large percentage of “Applicants” are simply window shoppers, trying to take a peak to see what it is all about.

Related Note:  In spite of the screen that said that my application was “In Progress”, the site kicked me out, and I have not gotten back in.  I have still not seen any quotes for my family.


Running in circles with Obamacare Live Chat

This is from one of my colleagues who had already established an ACA Account, but was attempting to have his identity verified.

When he got repeatedly kicked out, he attempted to use Live Chat:

1:17:37 pm]: Thanks for contacting Health Insurance Marketplace Live Chat. Please wait while we connect you to someone who can help.
[1:17:40 pm]: Please be patient while we’re helping other people.
[1:17:49 pm]: Welcome! You’re now connected to Health Insurance Marketplace Live Chat.Thanks for contacting us. My name is Amanda. To protect your privacy, please don’t provide any personal information, like Social Security Number, or any other sensitive medical or personal information.
[1:19:15 pm]: Ty
I’m trying to verify my ID. A box comes up and says “Unexpected Error…contact Experian”. No other information or numbers are give. I call Experian and their automated site says I need to suppley a Reference number from the website in order to verify my ID. None was given. What do I do?
[1:21:02 pm]: Amanda
Thank you for your question today. It will take me just a moment to review and respond to your question.
[1:24:52 pm]: Amanda
okay your reference number was at that the end of the application if you did not get the number.. You can mail a paper copy of any one of the following documents:
•Driver’s License
•School ID card
•Voter Registration Card
•U.S. Military Card
•U.S. Military Draft Record
•ID card issued by the federal, state, or local government
•Military Dependent ID Card
•Tribal Card
•Authentic Document from a Tribe
•U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Card
[1:25:51 pm]: Amanda
Make sure that you get the application number it is locate on the application on the left hand side of the page
[1:26:48 pm]: Ty
I have not filled out an application, that is what I’m trying to do! Is it under My Profile?
[1:28:26 pm]: Ty
I’m in My Profile and it is asking me to Verify My Identify before I can proceed. No Reference Number has been given.
[1:28:28 pm]: Amanda
okay where you trying to create a acct when it said you could not be verifty
[1:29:28 pm]: Ty
I did create an account. Now it is asking for me to Verify that it was me who created the account. The website is taking me in circles…
[1:31:32 pm]: Amanda
okay all you need to do is answer the questions that you created, do you remember picking the questions and answered them?
[1:32:27 pm]: Ty
It will not go beyond the page asking me for my name, SS#, Date of Birth, email, etc!
[1:33:19 pm]: Ty
If I hit Continue, it gives me the same orange box at the top telling me to call Experian! Experian asks for a Reference Number which I don’t have because it was never given!
[1:38:01 pm]: Amanda
okay at this point you need to call 1-866-578-5409 and they will be able to assist you I am sorry you are having trouble
[1:38:59 pm]: Ty
THEY WILL NOT ASSIST ME BECAUSE I DONT HAVE A REFERENCE NUMBER! It won’t even go beyond their automated system without a Reference Number!
[1:40:17 pm]: Ty
Please send me an email with the body of this Chat.
[1:42:29 pm]: Amanda
okay you can call 1-800-318-2596 and someone will transfer to experian .. they will be happy to help you