Dave is a highly rated speaker and has spoken for many professional associations.  See endorsements below.  

Topics include:

Top 10 Cost Savings Strategies that Your Employees will Like (or not Hate)

Top 10 Things You Need to Know about the ACA for 2016

Preparing for the ACA Cadillac Tax

IRS Form 1094 and 1095 Reporting Requirements

Top 10 Questions that Accountants and Lawyers should ask their clients about the ACA.

Making the most of Health Reform

Penalties, Subsidies and Regulations….Oh My.

Compliance Mandates….what you need to know.

Business Ethics:  How do we know what is right?

The ACA for Accountants:  What you need to know

ACA Reporting Requirements:  Who needs to report what?  and When?

Evaluating Private Exchanges:  Are they for everyone?

Free Market Healthcare vs. Government Control…what works.

Controlling Healthcare Costs, the Free Market Way.


“Any time my association needs a speaker, Dave is my go to guy. He brings a creativity to any presentation and makes it memorable. Even the most complicated topics, like HealthCare Reform and  Business Ethics become an enjoyable meeting. He consistently pulls in big attendance numbers, and makes the audience participate in his presentation, making them feel they’ve added value to the discussion.   I would recommend Dave for any speaking engagements you may have.”  –Ingrid Martin,  Chair NE Ohio Health Underwriters

“I have seen Dave speak repeatedly, and I am always impressed with the ease in which he engages the audience. He has an conversational, inclusive style that draws the listener in and holds them rapt the entire time. Always a pleasure!”  –Joe Blasko, Business Owner

“I have had the opportunity to attend several of Dave’s seminars on health care reform  and I took away new information and usable ideas each time. Dave is a speaker who provides a unique perspective on his topics.  The ACA is so very  confusing and crazy hard to understand, however he brings a measure of some sanity to it.  He has an innovative view of not only what is going on in the arena of health care reform, but in whatever happens to be his topic.”  –Kathleen Lacefield, HR Manager

Here are some of the organizations where he has spoken:

  • Lorman Educational Seminars (Regular Faculty)
  • Ohio CPAs
  • North East Ohio Health Underwriters
  • Ohio Association of Health Underwriters
  • Michigan CPAs
  • Commerce Club
  • Ohio Health Care Association
  • OPRA
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Rotary Clubs

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