New Speaking Topic: Waving the RED Flag –The Top 10 Things You Need to Do To Prepare for the ACA for 2016

Red FlagSpeaking Topic:  Waving the RED Flag –The Top 10 Things You Need to Do To Prepare for the ACA for 2016

Sometimes you just need to waive a red flag out there to make sure people hear what they need to hear.  Since the ACA passed in 2010,  we have been sifting through the law, and communicating the mandates and issues with, and for, our clients and friends.  Many have listened and planned intently and made changes, while others have chosen to wait to respond, hoping or thinking that elections or the Supreme Court would reverse the law.

Regardless or your initial response, it is now time for all organizations and businesses to make sure that they have all the relevant issues handled under the ACA for 2016.

As of 2016, the following issues must be resolved for your company….especially if you are over 50 FTEs and if you are classified as an Applicable Large Employer (ALE).

  1. Are you an ALE?
  2. If No, now what?
  3. If Yes, now what?
  4. What is your No-Offer Penalty Exposure?
  5. What is your  Unaffordable Coverage Exposure?
  6. How many hours do you currently require employees to work to qualify for group health insurance?
  7. What percentage of your full time employees (30 hours per week) are currently eligible for your group health plan?
  8. Is your coverage “Affordable” as defined by the ACA?  Can you fit into any of the safe harbors?
  9. Have you set up  Variable Hour Employee Status that uses the Look-Back Method?  Do you know how you will track it?
  10. Are you adequately tracking all of the data required to submit IRS Forms 1094-C and 1095-C?  How will you create those forms by the 2016 deadlines?

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Speaking Topic:  Waving the RED Flag –The Top 10 Things You Need to Do To Prepare for the ACA for 2016

Speaking for Ohio Provider Resource Association 2015 Annual conference #OPRA


What a great time yesterday speaking in Columbus to a great crowd of health care professionals in town for the OPRA annual conference.   Great people, great conversation,  Preparing for ACA requirements for 2015 and beyond.

Topic:  Top 10 Questions You Need to Ask About the ACA.  Read more about it here: