Dave Petno, and AccBen, offer their clients the Value that allows them to minimize the amount of time that they spend on managing benefits, and maximize the time in growing their business.

Custom Proposal:   We work with you to produce a custom proposal that is catered to your needs and desires.  Below are some of the common features that are in demand by our clients.

Health Reform Penalty Impact Analysis:  What penalties might apply and how can we assure they are minimized?  What mandates and compliance issues are required, and how can they be handled.  What subsidies might be available, and how should they be used?

No Worries Compliance:   Taking away the worry by providing the solutions to compliance.

Cost Control:   Our competitive market analysis, and unique negotiating strategy assures our clients that they are getting the best possible premium or service rate.   We automatically shop all plans on an annual basis.

Marketplace / Exchange Enrollment:  We are licensed to enroll employees and individuals in Marketplaces / Exchanges.

Private Exchange:  We are able to implement a private exchange outside of the PPACA exchanges.

Risk Management:   Identifying risk units, and working to minimize them.

Wellness:  Innovative wellness solutions that help improve the health of your employees to keep them working at maximum capacity, and on the job.

PEO / Leasing Company:  Outsourcing human resources, benefits, and workers comp administration.

All Benefits Management:   Managing all employee benefits through one point of contact.  Including Health, Dental, Vision, Disability, Life, voluntaries, and others.

Benefits Communication and Enrollment:  Group meetings, one on one meetings, benefit statements, virtual meetings, youtube benefits orientation.

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